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WAYNEBO - On An Exodus 1995-2000 (the phatt traxx y'all never heard)

ON AN EXODUS 1995-2000 (the phatt traxx y'all never heard) - whole album


On An Exodus

Days of My Life - feat. Chris G.O.T.T.I. & Sharron Lyles

A semi-autobiographical sketch of my thought life.

4ever Searchin' - feat. Jamaal

My Fantasy

Once upon a time I had a crush on a co-worker... so I wrote her a song.

Trials - feat. Lord Kurtis T. & MC 'M'

2 Much Drama - feat. Talae

Everybody's favorite song... Talae ripped verse 1 so well, I had to let her take 2 verses! Da girl's got skillz!

All In My Head - feat. MC 'M'

Freedom (the freestyle)

Gimme Da' Ho's

NO! I'm not talkin' about females... listen to the lyrics!

Come Back 2 Me - feat. Sharron Lyles


The truth became clear to me around this time.

Gimme Da' Ho's [vibe remix] - feat. Yahfrah Kano

In case you missed it on the original... this is NOT talking about women! Listen to the lyrics.

Music Is The Only Thing I Need

14 years later, this is still how I feel.

I Wish I Coulda Said Goodbye - feat The Ebony Dove

Stop And Give The Lord Some Praise - feat. Rasheed

My message to the hip-hop world!

Dark Roots (freestyle #2)