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Show #28 (XL 4 2012)


The Afterglow - Show #28 (XL 4 2012) by Waynebo on Mixcloud


Show #28 (XL 4 2012)

Happy New Year to all of you! To celebrate the new year, I have an extra-large dose of cool vibes and classic beats for you. More than 45 extra minutes of music for 4 U 2 enjoy! Plenty of soul in the opening tracks, then some classic uptempo throwback tracks, broken beats and plenty of jazzy flavor weaved throughout. Highlights include 2 remixes of classic Jill Scott tracks, plusc music from Mark de Clive-Lowe, Merge Of Equals, Scrimshire, Othello of Lightheaded, Yellowtail, DJ Daniel James, Lefthander, The Rhythm Slaves, Indigo Jam Unit, Soulstice, Bagelboy, Tawiah and many more!


No DJ mix for this show, but I did do some impromptu mixing just for fun. Also, that new track from Part-Time Heroes “So”, which I cut from the Christmas show at the last minute,  is the 1st track in the chilled vibes phase – which stretches well into the third hour.


Enjoy! And thank you for listening


Phase 1: Beats & Soul

1) J. Rawls presents The Liquid Crystal Project – Me & Cousin

2) Mark De Clive-Lowe - Everything (feat. Ovasoul7)

3) Merge Of Equals – Time Stops

4) Jill Scott - Golden [Rotary Connected Remix]

5) Scrimshire - Warm Sound feat. Inga-Lill Aker

6) Othello (of Lightheaded) - Shoot Past (featuring Olivia Warfield)

7) ONE51 Feat. Heidi Vogel - Bring Me to Your Life


Phase 2: Uptempo & Jazz

8) Carmen McRae - How Long Has This Been Going On? [MJ Cole Mix]

9) Jill Scott - Gettin In the Way (MJ Cole Mix)

10) Red Or Dred - How I Feel [Bad Ass Disco Mix]

11) Yellowtail - Foogaloo's Journey

12) Cedar - Blueprint  [Pete Rann reshape]

13) Mr. Stylus feat. Lena Grig - Deep & Slowly

14) Thomas Siffling Trio - Cruisen [Jelly Jam Highsteppin' Remix]

15) Lefthander - Breaking New Ground

16) Yosaku - Da Casa [Yosaku Re-Edit]

17) DJ Daniel James – Lost Love [Broken Mix]

18) Bagelboy – Eleanor

19) The Rhythm Slaves - Angel's Delight

20) The Rhythm Slaves - Forward Motion

21) graphiqsgroove – viridian

22) Hybrid Jazz - Bubble (Feat Stefane & Ben Of Blossom)

23) Indigo Jam Unit – Voyager

24) The New Cool Collective – Perry


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes

25) Part-Time Heroes – So

26) Tawiah – Run

27) Kendra Ross - I'm So Okay

28) Merge Of Equals – Mina

29) Soulstice - Changes [King Kooba Downtempo Remix]

30) Radio Citizen – Birds

31) Don Gorda Project - Cielo Terso

32) Deco - Sending A Letter

33) CAN 7 - Day With Alex

34) Indigo Jam Unit - Hyo-Ten

35) Laura Kahle & The West End Composers Collective (feat Kristin) - Lighter Skies