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R.I.P. Prince

Enjoy the DJ Mix from show 49 of The Afterglow.

The Afterglow is back!

I posted my track "Hayride" on youtube for some exposure. Here's the promo video. It includes a little extra info with the track.

I posted my track "Bonfire" on you tube for some exposure. Here's the promo video. It includes a little extra info with the track.

Show 47 featured music from some great albums. Here are just a few. Please check the playlist and find these artists wherever you buy music.

The Afterglow returns with Show 47!

Listen, and checkout the show notes and playlist.

D'Angelo has finally dropped his long-awaited 3rd album "Black Messiah"...

I definitely loved Migs last 2 albums...

It sounds like this one is gonna be just as good as the others...

Listen to the preview for yourself!

I had a little spare time today...

So I hooked up a nice house mix for you :-)

I must say, reading this article has completely changed my view on Spotify in particular and streaming services in general....

Lecrae is probably the biggest hip-hop artist you've never heard of...


First and foremost, this is excellent hip-hop music. Check him out and you'll see why I'm a fan.

This 3rd flashback episode is all about #JAZZ

This 2nd flashback episode is all about the #BrokenBeats. We revisit the #DJMixes from shows 4 and 22. 

In July of 2010, The Afterglow started on the Lounge & Chill channel over at SSRadio. Even though that channel is no longer on the air, the Cool Vibes & Classic Beats have continued...

Wow… Has it really been 4 years of sharing the cool vibes & classic beats?  Yes it has!! 

A fan in Paris suggested that I make the chilled vibes portion of the show available separately...

More personal notes to occupy your eyes while your ears dig the track :-)

I added some personal notes on the production process just to share the experience and to give your eyes something to do while you listen to the track :-)

After an extended layoff, I am firmly back into the music production game. I am still fairly new to working "in the box" on a DAW - yo, I'm old school. I needed to re-tune my studio skills and get proficient in the software (SONAR), so I asked BJ Jones to let me do a house remix to one of the songs from B'Joi's upcoming album.  He was kind enough to send me the a capella to "Waterfall"....

Show #44

Welcome to my 44th set of Cool Vibes & Classic Beats! 

I want to shine a special spotlight on the new album from Mahogany Jones - “Pure Vol. 1” - A project that delves deeply into life issues facing so many of the women we love and live with. And it features several vocalists, emcees, producers and poets from Detroit! We’ll hear 3 tracks from this album in Phase 1

Phase 1 also features a heavy dose of dope lyricism from Andy Mineo and SPZRKT. King’s Dream Entertainment is also well represented with hot tracks from John Givez, Ruslan, and Dream Junkies. We have beats from Potatohead People and a track from Feelin’ Music’s Dilla Tribute album. We also get into new music from Los Chicos Altos, Bosq, and the new Jalapeno Funk Vol. 5 compilation. Youngblood Brass Band closes out Phase 1 with their rendition of Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody”. 

The DJ Mix of Phase 2 features the stellar remix skills of Opolopo. We open and close with tracks from him. The mix also includes tracks from DJ Spinna, Los Chicos Altos, Richard Earnshaw, Omegaman and more! You’ll also hear another track from Jalapeno Funk Vol. 5. 

The chilled vibes of Phase 3 feature music from Robert Glasper, a stellar remake from Natalie Lauren, Music Box Lord Echo, Jeanne Jolly, STWO and more!




Please support these artists by downloading/purchasing music from some of the projects featured in this show: 

Download “Pure Vol. 1” by Mahogany Jones

Get it on iTunes >>  

Get it on CD Baby >>


Download “Lucid Dreams” by SPZRKT for FREE

Listen here >>

Download it here >>


Download “Four Seasons” by John Givez

Get it on iTunes >>


Download “Never Land” by Andy Mineo

Get it on iTunes >>


Listen/Download the “Do The Dilla 2012” compilation from Feelin’ Music

Get it here >>


Download “El Diablo Alegre” by Los Chicos Altos

Get it on iTunes >>


Download Jalapeno Funk 5 from Jalapeno Records

Get it on iTunes >>


Download “Three Phases” by Music Box

Get it on iTunes >>


Download Natalie Lauren’s “Bad” remake for FREE

Get it here >>


Download “Mutants” by Opolopo

Get it on iTunes >>


Download “This Is What You Are (Opolopo remix)”

Get it on Traxsource >>


Download “6 String Poetry” by Kojo Akusa & Lele X

Get it on ITunes >>




Phase 1: Beats, Jazz & Other Goodies (starts @ 0:00)  

1) Slakah The Beatchild – Bare Naked [Freddie Joachim remix]

2) Mahogany Jones – Never Again (feat. Gwenation)

3) Mahogany Jones – Skin Deep (feat Ozara Ode` and Insite The Riot)

4) Potatohead People – Love Hz

5) Moka Only – Get A Hold [remix]

6) SPZRKT – The Feel II (feat. John Givez)

7) Dream Junkies – Higher

8) Andy Mineo – All We Got (feat. Dimitri McDowell)

9) John Givez – Dream Chaser (feat. Morgan Nolani)

10) Mahogany Jones – Mirror Mirror/Perfect Imperfections (feat. Kamakazi, Roslyn Welch, Lady Arie)

11) Ruslan – Thankful (feat. J.R.)

12) Kraak & Smaak feat. Berniece Van Leer – Don’t Let People [Moods Remix]

13) Los Chicos Altos – El Diablo Alegre [Mr. R. Novalima Remix]

14) Bosq of Whiskey Barons – Never Feel Cold (feat. Mendee Ichikawa)

15) Youngblood Brass Band – Ain’t Nobody


Phase 2: DJ Mix (starts @ _______)

16) Quincy Jones – Tell Me A Bedtime Story [Opolopo Remix]

17) Stevie Wonder – Superstition [Opolopo Remix]

18) Skaggs – Finish Line

19) Ultra Soul Project – Black History

20) Alison Crockett – Crossroads [DJ Spinna Remix]

21) This Is Rhythm – Please Don’t Call – [Earnshaw’s Jazzroom Mix]

22) Michele Chiavarini & The Jazzcodes – The Music Tells Me [DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Remix]

23) Los Chicos Altos – Chande (feat. Mandinga Sax) [Superpendejos Remix]

24) Omegaman – El O’man Boogaloo [Mo’ Horizons Remix]

25) Kojo Akusa & Lele X feat. Andy Compton – 6 String Poetry [original mix]

26) Ultra Soul Project – Cook Out

27) Mario Biondi & The High Five Quintet – This Is What You Are [Opolopo Remix]

28) Gregory Porter – 1960 What? [Opolopo Kick & Bass Rerub]


Phase 3: Chilled Vibes (starts @ _______)

29) Robert Glasper Experiment – Calls (feat. Jill Scott)

30) Potatohead People – Blossoms

31) Natalie Lauren – Bad [remake]

32) Sango feat. SPZRKT – Middle Of Things [STWO Remix]

33) Atu – Way I Feel

34) Music Box – November

35) Jeanne Jolly – Sweet Love

36) Lord Echo – Ghost Hands

37) Dalindeo – Solifer-Lento

38) Music Box – The Kingfisher

39) Clara Hill – The Source [Freddie Joachim Remix]

Notes and links to music from show 42

Please support the artists! Support the music!

Check the playlist for the tracks you love and go BUY them.

Click "read more" for the playlist.

Be sure to go to your favorite digital outlet and BUY these tunes.

Support the artists. Support the music!

Featuring remixes of tunes by Ananda Project, Ralf GUM, Jazzanova and more, this is a mix of house tunes that starts out smooth & soulful then gradually picks up in intensity before closing out with some classic UK garage-style flavor.

[click "read more" for the playlist]

An epic mix of Nu-Jazz & House flavors...


The Afterglow will return with show #41 on August 31st - just in time for Labor Day Weekend (here in the states, that is).

Between now and then, I will post a couple of DJ mixes just to share some of the great music I came across during the spring.


Stay tuned!!

I originally planned to release "Goldfinger Vol. 2 - the bonus traxx" on March 29...

However, as I have gotten into the studio and gotten back into the vibe of the project...

A video clip of me working out the bassline to "Bozo Feet" for the upcoming "Goldfinger 2" EP.

(click "read more" for the playlist)


Checkout this nice collection of breaks from my dude K. Sabroso. You can go to his soundcloud page to download the songs individulally...

(click "read more" for the player)

K. Sabroso album cover

Download FREE on Bandcamp & Soundcloud NOW!


Welcome to show 39!


This time out we feature tracks from the Chris Dave and The Drumheadz Mixtape, Lydia Rene, Tracy Cruz, Omar, Mark de Clive-Lowe & The Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra, K. Sabroso, Nubian Twist, Headnodic, Jae Franklin & more!

Plus an hour-long DJ Mix of smooth soulful house.

The Afterglow - Show #39 by Waynebo on Mixcloud

This time out we highlight music from Positive Flow’s new album “Flow Lines”. We also have new music from Alice Russell, Dwele, S.O., The Layabouts, and another track from Ralf Gum’s new album. 

The Afterglow - Show #38 by Waynebo on Mixcloud

Listen to Show #36 of The Afterglow

As heard in Show #28 of The Afterglow, Free Music from Part-Time Heroes

Happy New Year to all of you! To celebrate the new year, I have an extra-large dose of cool vibes and classic beats for you. More than 45 extra minutes of music for 4 U 2 enjoy! 


A lot of folks have some extra time off this week. Time to chill around the house and perhaps some extra "snuggle-time" with that special loved one. This mix will make the perfect sound track for your chill time, whoever you spend it with.

For those of you who are tired of hearing the same old Christmas songs every year, I present 2 Christmas albums designed to get your speakers thumping...

The 2011 Christmas episode of The Afterglow is here! Enjoy!

Music, links & videos from the artists featured in show #24.

Links to great music: The Beatles "Eleanor Rigby" remix, Music from new R&B group KING. Tracks from Mark de Clive-Lowe. Music & videos from Orgōne. Great Jazz tunes from Colman Brothers and more!

Videos & links from some of the artists featured in show #22 of The Afterglow. Please leave me some comments...

As I combed through my archives recently, I realized that left in the aftermath of my indecisiveness were several very good, unreleased dance tracks. I figured “why not share some good music?” So to you dance music lovers, I present a collection of tracks that should have come to you much sooner...

Here are some extras for the music in show #21. Check 'em out!


Here's the playlist for show 21.

The 1-year anniversary of The Afterglow is coming up very soon. I need your input.

Show #9 is finally up and ready to download.

Go to

to download.

In phase 1 we heard 2 songs from the incomparable JAZZANOVA. We also heard the latest release from LOUIE VEGA. These guys are some of the best in the biz so check out those links to hear more from them. You'll also find a Jazzanova video below. We also heard a great song from SISTARS. I played a remix of "Inspirations", you can watch the video to the original below. You'll also find the video to VIKTER DUPLAIX's "Electric Love" below as well.  

See the whole post for more links and videos!

Phase 3 featured the title track from the new Andreya Triana album "Lost Where I Belong". You can watch the video below. Phase 3 also featured "No Words" from Janita. There's no "official" music video for that song, so I chose to include the video for "I Miss You". She is that rare artist who is as pleasing to the eye as she is to the ear. Enjoy...

See the whole post for videos + more links

Just in case you wanted to know... here's why.

I am launching my own podcast called The Afterglow

Yo! I had to post these because they are 2 of the most creative examples of video editing I've ever seen. 

What up y'all! Just wanted to share a very good R&B artist with you. AARON MARCELLUS & THE WILL BAND

A delicious blend of jazzy melodies, dance beats, and funk rhythms!!

New videos from 2 of my favorite artists!

This week’s featured DJ mixes are dedicated to those of you who love jazz.

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