Come & Get It (Club Zero Uhkoostik Mix)

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The King Midas Project


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From The Goldfinger Anthology 1997-2004 by The King Midas Project.

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This track was originally released in 1995 as part of the "Come and Get It" maxi-single. We didn't even start out intending to do a remix. In the middle of working on mixdowns, we just started messing around. It was a truly impulsive and inspired moment. Fairly quickly, we realized that we had stumbled onto something special so we fleshed out the idea completely. As always, Bridgett's vocal performance was beautiful.

If you're feelin' this one, be sure to checkout the Ultimate Comeback Remix from 2000.

Produced by Lateef & Waynebo with strong contributions from Nick Dalbis on guitar and arrangement. Vocals by Bridgett Grace  Bass guitar, Sax, Keys and percussion played by Waynebo.

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